Can you collect my bike from my house.Yes we can arrange that for you through, either our own fleet , or Bikeshuttle affiliated couriers. We will quote you on a case by case basis.

Do you transport all kinds of bikes. Our Bike stowage system does cater for all types of bikes, However it will not work for oversize bikes with custom front forks or oversized rear wheels. Sorry no trikes!

I live in Scotland is there any other pick up options.We would suggest we collect your bikes for you and deliver them back. This will be extra cost but then you can fly from any airport on the day the bikes arrive which means you don’t need to stay in a hotel waiting for the bike.

My courier can only deliver the bike two days before your shuttle goes.Thats no problem but we do charge £15 per day per bike for storage at our site.

How do the hotel transfer work. We use the Hotel shuttle bus, this is not on demand but we book you on its scheduled runs. It is no guaranteed and does not work after 10pm.

How is my Motorbike loaded onto the trailer.Our trained drivers will secure your bike onto a shuttle trolley to allow easy movement onto our specially designed trailer. Once in situ the trolley is secured to the deck of the trailer. This is all done by our staff and at no time is excessive use of the bike’s suspension required to stow the bike securely for transit. The bike will be offloaded and ready to ride when you meet the Shuttle in Geneva

What time does my Bike arrive.The shuttle arrives at our base in Geneva or Toulouse on the morning of the arrival day (check dates) Usually your bike is ready for about 0930. (Toulouse 10.30) or earlier.  On the way back it arrives at our Northampton base early in the morning.  (Check the dates page)

Is it ever late. Rarely, but sometimes we are delayed beyond our control particularly if we get held up at Calais. (only happened once this year) please check our terms and conditions of carriage because we do not guarantee times and do not cover any extra cost you might incur through delay.

What about insurance for my bike and riding gear. Your bike is fully insured up to a value of £25,000 whilst in our care, and your Helmet and leathers are also covered up to their replacement value for loss. If you think the bike has been damaged my us you need to advise us before you leave the site.

Can Bikeshuttle accommodate two helmets and leathers for me and my pillion. Yes we can for a limited number of riders on one shuttle. We will process this request at the time of booking. The name and address details for the passenger will be needed. There is a £39 charge for pillion carriage

Do I have to pay the whole cost upfront. no a 30% deposit to secure your place then we require full payment Ten weeks before transport date. The deposit is non refundable because we will block out spaces for you on the shuttle. Once you have paid the balance on your booking, if you then cancel there is a 100% charge. We strongly advise that you take out cancellation insurance and please remember to get European breakdown cover

Do your prices include hotel accommodation. No the cost of hotels is not included in our prices we will quote for storage and hotel charges separately. (please see our price panel on the Geneva and Toulouse page).  The drop off point is at a hotel which we would recommend.  We can book this for you and add the cost to your invoice total. You can stay at other hotels or just meet the truck the next morning. Flights are not included. If you are using our transfer service please see the dates panel to see which flight we meet before you book

What is the cost for storage. Generally you can add about £20 per day to our standard charge. This does include the check in and check out of storage  and full risk insurance cover.

Storage is for Bikes and Gear. But please make sure your follow our procedures which we text you. This is to make sure we collect the right gear and bike!

What if I  just want to go for the weekend. This can easily be accommodated. We will store you bike at the Geneva/Toulouse drop off point before you get there and after you drop the bike off on the Sunday night. So there will be storage charges but other than that, its no problem.

Do call us if you are unsure of something

Endless motorbike talk can and does bore me

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I saw a dead bird in the road, a feathered kind not one in a skirt

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Being an F1 driver is boring

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