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simple process just bring a copy of your V5


Northampton base

Easy to find...conveniently situated... within an hour from Luton

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Check-in 1030-1130hrs


Northampton Base for Bikeshuttle

Our Northampton base is the Whitepark services on the A5 near Towcester in Northants. NN7 4SE Conveniently a 45 min bus shuttle ride to Luton airport. Here you can change and get ready for your flight to Geneva or Toulouse.
For people wishing to use our storage service, this is where the bike is dropped off. Here it is checked in and will be kept securely on site until departure, or on arrival back to the UK to await your collection
We will be stoping at a nearby pub/restaurant before traveling to Luton for the Geneva flight.  This breaks up the Journey on the first day. Its important we get the truck away by 1pm (11am for Toulouse) to enable you a full day’s riding on the following day
Our Truck leaves from here at about 11am for Toulouse and 1pm for Geneva with checkin from 8am to 9.30am for Toulouse and 11am to 12.30 for Geneva. The site is well marked with flags

Northampton is well positioned for Luton Airport

I saw a dead bird in the road, a feathered kind not one in a skirt

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Endless motorbike talk can and does bore me

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Being an F1 driver is boring

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