Route planning

Myroute-app   Route planning software

This new software provides a really easy way to “road by road” plan your route. You can plot your route either letting the software give you a route, or double click on the roads you want to create as waypoints. Then you can download the route to either your Garmin or Tom Tom sat nav. Click on the link below to take you to the home page.  Mac’s are now supported too

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Other resources

You can’t beat the Michelin maps  for detailed information about where you are going. There are also sites like Best Biking Roads (see link below) where riders share trips which is very useful

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This is a really good site if you plan to go on the Route Des Grandes Alpes

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Places to stay in the Alpes

we have stayed in these Hotels…

Bikeshuttle routes

We have used Myroute-app for our own trip planning this year. The file for this years trip from the Business Park Hotel in Geneva down to St Tropez is on the site . (It’s the one with the twist! 😉  Just go onto the site and search for friends called Bikeshuttle and you will be able to see this route. If you have a route you wish to share with other Bikeshuttle users please use the site.

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Bed and Breakfast near Bikeshuttle

We have a couple of Bed and Breakfast places we recommend to our customers who feel they need to get to us the night before departure. Pleas click on the link to contact either. They are both a 2 minute walk from a nice Pub called the Eastcote arms which we help fund!!

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The Pyrenees

Even if you don’t want organised tours this is a great stop in the heart of the mountains


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The roads we like…..

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