We… and our customers, have done the maths

Our Business model

Bikeshuttle was set up six years ago by Guy Buswell and Declan Betts after they both experienced long arduous journeys to reach the wonderful mountain roads in the Alps. The business was set up with funds from Guy and Declan and using the Business Enterprise Scheme. (tax breaks for investors)
Sadly In 2017, Declan passed and now Mike Randall who owns the premises at Whitepark where we operate from took over the operations side of the Business. Guy does the administration, bookings and tour liaison with guests.
The company has significant capital employed in trucks and trailers but only operates for 14 weeks in the summer. Its a lifestyle business for the shareholders and is set up just to make enough profit to keep up the capital investment required to operate for the long term.
Both Mike and Guy have other significant interests in other businesses.
We aim to provide a first-class service for our customers and are always looking to improve where we can

Riding yourself

If you have plenty of time on your hands, no one can deny that there are many great routes to get you to the mountains. However time or not, we often get people saying “you are too are expensive, we’ll ride ourselves”. So we’ve outlined some of the costs to get there on your own steam to compare. But let us be clear unless you ride through the night, Bikeshuttle is faster!

Firstly look at the basic fuel costs. Clearly, we all have bikes that do different MPG rates so we have used a generic stats on the exact mileage from our place to the hotel we use in Geneva.   Fuel £237 @46mpg and £1.6 per litre: (1500 miles) (148 ltr) Could be more could be less and more if you take a longer route to take in different scenery.   Ferry/Train £90  We have used the tunnel price which most people use.   Tolls £98  Its a 1000 miles on Autoroutes. You can avoid but its longer. Then we come on to the bike costs. Firstly tyre wear which will vary considerably between different bikes. My bike tyres last 3000 miles maximum and cost about £350 fitted so on that basis its £175 for tyre wear. However, we use half that figure to be under rather than over on the cost.  Tyres £85.     Depreciation has to be a factor of cost, particularly for the newer bikes. I asked my dealer for a cost per mile and he came up with 10p per mile, but it could be considerably more.   Depreciation £150.     Hotels on the way down and back depending on how many days you take to get there. We have taken 1 night but it could easily be two and we have assumed it’s two in a room sharing.   Hotels £100

Total £769

Using Bikeshuttle

Our example rider is traveling with friends and sharing a room at our hotel meeting point in Geneva. Clearly adding single rooms will give different costs as will adding pillion passengers but we hope you get the point from the exercise.

A naked/sports bike charge is £499:   Bike £499.    Our transfer bus to Luton (proper executive coach )is £55 return.   Transfer £55.   Our rates for the hotel outbound to wait for the bike and then for the return leg, (first and last night) is £50 per person per night,- total £100.   Hotel £100 (in a twin room). Flights can be as cheap as £55 if booked early enough. We use £75 as a generic figure.  Flight £75

Total £ 729

In summary: the costs are pretty similar and with bigger bikes, we will be slightly more. But with a week to spare, why not spend seven days in the mountains. ( Riding yourself, it’s 3 days in the mountains and 4 days on motorways! Hence our slogan

“Ride Mountains not Motorways”

No crates...no waiting around for your bike at some transport depot..

Ride Mountains not Motorways


Our Purpose built trailer and bike stowage system protects your bike. Just the right treatment for your precious machine



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Enjoy the ride...

Don't get motorway butt ache!

Why Bikeshuttle...

Ride on ride off service... Awesome riding in the Alps & Pyrennes... No motorway miles on your speedo......scroll down for more info

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