This year we have been saved from having a host of changes to insurance and I.D documentation, as Brexit was delayed until 31 October. However next year what are the likely changes.

Unfortunately some of us are old enough to remember “Green Cards,” which were required by insurers when traveling outside the UK. We have all got used to having insurance that covered all of Europe. Sadly going forward its likely that you will need to check in with your insurance company to see what you need for all the countries you visit. And do think about this before you renew. We believe that some insurance companies will not be that quick of the mark when it comes to extending their cover to different countries. Hopefully Brexit happening in the winter means they have the time to sort it out before the riding season starts.

You will need to get an International Driving Permit

Use the above to see what you need. Worth noting that France has different requirements to Spain as an example.

More information is here on the Government website. Also please note that IDP’s can only be issued within three months of travel. All Hassle we could do without!

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