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Custom designed system stowage with Bikeshuttle

The Bikeshuttle stowage system has been designed especially to use in our purpose built trailer. The “Dolly frame is designed to put the minimum pressure on your precious bike whilst maintaining it’s position in transit. From the journey starting point your bike is securely strapped onto the dolly and then lifted with specialist equipment onto the truck. Once in position the dolly is secured in place on the truck for its journey through France to Geneva or Toulouse.

We have a custom designed system stowage with Bikeshuttle to give the ultimate care to your bike and allow us to handle it safely. Your bike is held in position on our specially designed “Dolly”, which is then secured to the deck of the Bikeshuttle trailer.
All straps used have soft sections to irradiate the possibility of scratching your bike whist being held secure. The strapping required is minimal because the dolly is used to secure the bike to the floor of the Bikeshuttle trailer.

Endless motorbike talk can and does bore me

Barry Sheene

I saw a dead bird in the road, a feathered kind not one in a skirt

Guy Martin

Being an F1 driver is boring

Charley Boorman