Who’s the winner here?

By 22nd February 2017 News update

back or truck 2back of truckA friend recently drew our attention to a bike forum where a potential customer had asked if anyone had used our service and, more specifically, how it compared cost-wise to hightailing the whole way down to the Alpine region on two wheels.

There were some balanced replies about other options the guy could consider, and some input from former Bikeshuttle customers, plus the inevitable posts from naysayers (we’ll return to them later).

The fact is that the economics do stand up otherwise why would anyone want to use us? We had to be priced the same or better than riding there and we believe we’re at least £50 cheaper. Here’s how:

Bikeshuttle Costs

A basic return journey to Geneva with Bikeshuttle              £435

Return Easyjet flights from Luton    (Or less)                        £80

Total                     £515


Riding to Geneva Costs:


Channel crossing (flexible return ferry ticket)                       £96

(flexible EuroTunnel return is £200!)

Fuel for 1500 miles (46mpg at £1.20/litre)                          £178

Motorway tolls                                                                             £56

Nominal tyre wear (depends on bike/ride style/road)        £75

Depreciation (based on 10p/mile)                                         £150

Total                    £555


And yes, we accept that tyre wear, fuel consumption, depreciation and servicing costs will all vary dependent on bike make and age, ride style, road conditions and weather but we’ve erred on the cautious in calculating our figures. We haven’t included hotel accommodation, and you’d need to book a room in Geneva on the outward journey and return with Bikeshuttle unless you have some Swiss friends! But if you ride all the way to Geneva you’re pretty hardcore if you do it in one fell swoop rather than one or two overnight stops so bear that in mind too.


We do charge for a transfer to Luton airport and back, but you could get a lift…and we surcharge for panniers and large bikes because of the extra room they take up on the lorry but our costs are very reasonable, and still don’t add up to enough to make us more expensive.


And now to return to those naysayers, it never ceases to amaze us how derogatory some of the posts on these forums are. There are many for whom our service will never appeal…especially those who see it as cheating not to ride the whole way. But some folk only get a week’s holiday and for those who are time-poor particularly, we offer a very competitive solution that enables them to ride beautiful Alpine roads pretty much straight away rather than schlepp a ball-aching 750 miles to do it. And the irony is that Bikeshuttle customers probably have the last laugh too as they not only save money but also feel less tired when they arrive in Geneva and enjoy the trip more.


We don’t mind how you choose to go on your riding holiday…..just enjoy the riding and keep safe.